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Sika Roofpro

The Sika-Trocal® Concept utilises lightweight, flexible and easy to install single ply membranes to provide a range of new and refurbishment roofing systems that are ideally suited to today’s environmentally conscious fast track construction programmes. 

Comprising a range of single ply membranes that can be attached in a number of ways, the Sika-Trocal® Concept is suitable for most forms of flat, pitched, curved or even vertical roof surfaces. Central to the Sika-Trocal® Concept is the Type S membrane, first manufactured in Germany in 1962. Sika-Trocal® roofing membranes have now been used in every type of environment throughout the world.

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Fatra Single Ply Roofing Membranes are a flexible, lightweight and cost effective waterproofing solution with an established track record across both the private and public sector. They have a certified life expectancy in excess of 30 years accredited by the British Board of Agrement (BBA)

  • Mechanically Fixed - The Fatra mechanically fastened system uses our FF810 reinforced membranes in conjunction with the relevant fixings, washers, PVC pads and adhesives to secure the membrane to the substrate. This system can be used in a warm or cold roof application and over a range of substrates including plywood, concrete and metal decking.
  • Fully Adhered - The Fatra fully adhered system uses our FF807 fleece-backed membranes in conjunction with the appropriate adhesives and primers to bond each layer of the build-up to the adjacent layer. This system can be used in a warm or cold roof application and over a range of substrates including concrete, plywood or profiled metal decking.
  • Roof Finishes - The Fatra systems are compatible with a number of different roof finishes. Below are examples of some of the most typical methods used to transform your Fatra roof surface into a practical and aesthetically pleasing area.
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CCM (Resitrix)

The all-rounder for every roof

RESITRIX® is a highly flexible and durable bitumen backed single ply waterproofing membrane with the unique combination of synthetic rubber EPDM and polymer-modified bitumen. It can be installed on virtually any substrate.

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