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The VELUX flat glass rooflight will bring the magic of daylight into your home. The unique design with a slim frame and invisible sash provides maximum daylight and a beautiful design from inside the home – even with a blind installed.

  • Maximum daylight area
  • Excellent energy performance
  • State-of-the art design
  • Excellent sound reduction

The VELUX dome with glazing is an advanced dome solution for installation in 0-15° roof pitches. It is an effective product for letting in daylight and fresh air, without compromising on energy efficiency and comfort with sun and heat protection products. The insulated base unit has an integrated 2-layer insulating glass unit and the polycarbonate top unit is available in a clear or opaque version.

  • Good daylight area
  • Good energy performance
  • Classic design
  • Good sound reduction
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At Roofglaze we manufacture our Skyway flatglass rooflights in our own factory offering you an exceptional range of daylight solutions for your home.

All are designed and made using state of the art CAD techniques and automated CNC machining. With leading-edge technical partnerships and in-house production, effectively EVERY rooflight is bespoke to customers specifications, built within the shortest lead times.

We take pride in our professional advice for clients; our experienced team of estimators, designers and technical salespeople are committed to supplying you with the best rooflight, skylight or roof glazing system for your project.

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We have over 25 years’ technical expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and distribution of rooflights, overhead roof glazing and bespoke daylighting solutions. We help provide the right solution, whatever your requirements. Every product is tested and proven to perform to the most rigorous standards, and all products are fully guaranteed. 

Our high-performance rooflights and roof windows are easy-to-install and are rigorously tested. That’s why we’re the no.1 choice of professionals.

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With a broad range of solutions, Xtralite (Rooflights) Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of roof glazing products. Founded more than 25 years ago, Xtralite is at the forefront of the UK rooflight and structural glazing industry with a clear focus on providing premium daylight solutions. The Xtralite product range contains glass rooflights for flat roofs, large span bespoke structural glazing solutions, smoke and comfort ventilation as well as roof access.

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Dakea is owned by Altaterra, a business that`s been established in the UK since 2001 and, as part of the VKR Group, is built on more than 75 years of industry experience.Dakea was launched in 2012 to provide high-quality affordable roof windows for the professional market.

Dakea windows are manufactured using top-quality raw materials to the highest production standards and independently tested to ensure they meet with our exacting standards. Our eco-credentials are also important to us and we only use wood sourced from sustainable forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


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COXDOME has been providing buildings with daylight and natural ventilation via rooflights since 1954. With over 65 years’ experience, COXDOME offers high quality tested products that come with up to a 10-year guarantee. These rooflights are suitable for new build and refurbishment projects

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Add a sense of light and elegance to your home with a Flat Skylight. Our innovative rooflight appears frameless from the inside, due to its edge to edge glass design. This contemporary design brings more light into your home, giving you uninterrupted views of the sky.

Suited to all property types, our Ultrasky Flat Skylight will complement any home or space, giving you natural light exactly where you need it. Perfect for a kitchen or dining extension or rooms where natural daylight is limited.

In addition to an enhanced sense of light and space, you will also benefit from noise reducing glass and thermal efficiency with our fully insulated core for superior thermal performance.

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A Korniche roof lantern doesn’t just change the way your living space looks. By bathing your room in natural daylight, it transforms how it functions. How it feels. Just as every homeowner has a different vision, Korniche has a bespoke design to help you deliver it.

Die-cast aluminium components

Because we use aluminium, our die cast components are made with greater accuracy and tighter tolerances that deliver superb weather resistance and thermal retention, low maintenance and breath-taking aesthetics.

Strongest on the market

Meticulously engineered to be the strongest and stiffest on the market, our roof lantern supports industry-leading maximum glass sizes without the need for additional rafters.

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Brett Martin

Brett Martin’s industrial GRP rooflights provide high quality natural daylight for metal clad industrial buildings decreasing the dependency on artificial light, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint. The industrial range includes over 1,000 profiles to match any corrugated metal roofing and cladding system, new and old, and is ideal for new build projects as well as refurbishment of existing buildings.  

Our rooflights can be delivered direct to site for assembly as triple skin rooflights into site assembled roof systems, or as ready to fit factory assembled Energysaver FAIRs to fit composite panel roofs. An extensive range of options and choice of product performance are offered - all backed by comprehensive service and expert technical support.

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