Klober Klober
Lightweight alternative to traditional 1F Felt, Three- layer material, Not susceptible to wind noise, Marked 100mm and 150mm lap lines, For cold roof applications, Absorbent inner layer as recommended in BS5250, A light weight cost effective alternative to Span-Tech.

Tile Vents
Klober offers a range of high-quality, high performing vents providing roof space ventilation which can also reduce heat loss through the roof.
In-line designs are available for certain profiles, to blend in with the roofline.

Slate Vents
Klober offers a wide range of Slate vents in a range of ventilating capacities. In-line designs are available to blend in with the roofline.

Eave Vent Systems
Klober offers a simple and effective solutions to ventilate the roof at eaves level and to suit different types of roofs.

Ridge & HP Vent Systems
Klober's Dry-Fix ridge and hip roofing products are the safe, clean and modern way to mechanically fix the perimeters without the use of mortar whilst ensuring to meet the BS5250 high level 5mm continuous ventilation

Flat Roof Vents
Klober offers a complete range of breather, soil/mechanical Flat Roof vents to suid cold or warm roofs.  Look out for new products in this range in 2013.

Klober also offers accessories that can be mechanically be fitted to the ridge line in order to upgrade and maintain the roof appearance


Lomanco Turbines feature permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings that ensure long life and no maintenance. The turbine's large flashing makes installation easy even on very complicated roofs. When installed properly, the turbine reduces energy bills and the likelihood of winter ice buildup.Other common features of the turbine are its rigid spider-type construction—riveted at every connection and tested to withstand winds of 110 M.P.H.,21 air-foil curved vanes with rolled edges to deflect water, and 100% rust-free all-aluminum construction. Lomanco wind turbines are available in three sizes—8", 12", and 14"


Tyvek Tyvek
DuPont™ Tyvek® breather membranes offer protection during construction and over the life of a building. All the key requirements for a high performance breather membrane are built right into the very nature of Tyvek®. Unique because of its high quality polyethylene single functional layer, Tyvek® is naturally vapour-open but watertight. This is due to its composition of millions of micro fibres that are bonded together to make a <> that's impermeable to water and yet allows water vapour to pass through the natural pores in its structure. Robust, resistant to UV damage and general wear and tear, Tyvek® offers peace of mind with reliable protection. 

DuPont™, AirGuard®, Enercor®, Typar® and Tyvek® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. 

Ubbink Ubbink
Ubbink UK Ltd is part of Ubbink/Centrotherm listed as part of the Centrotec Sustainable AG group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of solutions for building and construction. Ubbink manufactures some of the most advanced systems available for controlling air temperature, air movement and water temperature in home and workspaces, as well as our range of roofing and roof ventilation products.

Web Dynamics Web Dynamics
TLX is the UK's leading manufacturer of multi-foil insulation and breather membranes. Our TLX multi-foils are found in everyday constructions and deliver trusted roofing insulation solutions backed up by BBA certification, European Technical Approval and LABC Registered Details. Our products provide 2010 Building Regulation compliant solutions and we offer U-value and condensation risk analysis to help you manage and meet your energy targets. TLX is a member of the UK Timber Frame Association, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, and TIMSA (Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association).
Our commitment to innovation was rewarded when TLX  were finalists in the 2009 Carbon Trust Innovation Awards, for TLX Gold.

TLX Silver

TLX Silver the original BBA certified multi-foil. TLX Silver saves time and guarantees 0.18. It stops air leakage by providing an air-tight vapour barrier and restricting air movement in its multi-foil layers. TLX Silver has BBA for both pitch roofs and walls. It works in combination with glass wool to reduce the total thickness of insulation needed and with rigid insulation to cut installation time.

TLX Gold

TLX Gold-The easy way to insulate above rafters. Unique 2 in 1 insulating breather membrane. Makes all kinds of roofing jobs faster, easier & more efficient. Its versatility is recognised by architects and specifiers and TLX Gold is used to tackle difficult to insulate roofs in construction projects - from property refurbishments to historic building renovations.  

Hambleside Danelaw Hambleside Danelaw
Company Overview

We are a UK based manufacturer of products for the building industry with two factories in the UK based at Inverness and Daventry. Our products include Dry Fix Valley Troughs, Dry Fix Bonding Gutters and GRP roof flashings, flush fitting slate and tile roof ventilators, eaves, soffit, cavity and underfloor ventilators and other ancillary roofing products. Other products include Dryseal, our component based GRP flat roofing system, StepSafe and Contour inplane translucent rooflights and wall lights.

GRP Valley Troughs range

Hambleside Danelaw manufactures two types of GRP Valley Troughs.  

Dry Fix Valley Troughs:

The original Dry Fix mortarless GRP Valley Troughs creates a close-cut appearance on new build and refurbishments projects. They are suitable for all profiled tiles and are available in a standard lead grey colour. This unique product can reduce installation time by up to 50% and can save half the cost of using traditional lead with the added bonus that they have no value to thieves. The pre-formed profiles are light in weight and easy to handle and come with a 30 year guarantee. The range is BBA approved under a unique multi-certification. As GRP is non-toxic, they do not streak or stain slates or tiles and can be used safely with other products to harvest rainwater.


Cromar Cromar

Cromar is an independently owned UK manufacturer of roofing products including bitumen waterproof coatings, “Cromapol” acrylic roof coating, PRO GRP advanced glass fibre roofing system, “Vent 3” range of breather membranes along with an extensive range of roofing accessories & building chemical products.


Permavent Permavent
Permavent manufacture and supply new and innovative roofing ancillaries. The high performance tile underlays and construction membranes offer a comprehensive range from light weight membranes through to the very latest Dryroof technology and specialist solutions. The Easy roof system provides modern innovative solutions that help both architectural designers and roofing contractors.  

Manthorpe Manthorpe
SmartVerge is a fast-fit Dry Verge System that provides an extremely cost-effective alternative that avoids all of the long-term maintenance problems, and the costs that are often associated with traditional mortar bedding.  Linear Dry Verge / Roll-Out Dry Ridge / Roll-Out Dry Hip.