Fibre Cement

Fibre Cement
SVK is manufacturer of high quality fibre cement slates applicable for façade and roof. Because of constant innovation and development, SVK is able to offer products of the highest quality on the market.

It doesn’t matter how complex your roof or façade is, SVK fibre cement slates offer you constantly the best solution.

The SVK fibre cement slates range exists of Ardonit slates, Ardonit Plus slates, Cromleigh Textured slates, Cromleigh Smooth slates and Cromleigh Rustic slates.

Marley Eternit Marley Eternit
Only Marley Eternit’s fibre cement slate is manufactured in the UK and can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide*. Using the only UK manufacturer gives you a clear carbon footprint advantage over all imported slate. What’s more, our fibre cement slates now have BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification, which means we can help you achieve up to 5 credits towards your environmental assessment.